Harras Pharma

For over 60 years, Harras Pharma Curarina GmbH, a German company, has developed, manufactured, and marketed herbal medicine products and thereby successfully realized its company goals.

All over the world and in all epochs, the knowledge and art of healing is based on the rich natural resource of the medicinal plants. From this source, Harras Pharma Curarina draws its strength and combines its own ideas with the current state of scientific knowledge and research to develop and produce modern plant preparations which characterizes the high quality standard of their products.

Harras Pharma Curarina commissions experienced scientists to carry out multicentre, placebo-controlled trials. At the moment Harras Pharma products can be found in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Austria, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, Israel, Kuwait, Peru, Polland, Check Republic, Republic of Slovakia, Switzerland, Venezuela.