Lyocentre, a French laboratory founded in 1954, is dedicated to the manufacture of diverse medicines of biological origin (probiotics).

Immediately after World War II, the Society of Warehouses of Roquefort created in Aurillac the Milky Auvernia. Within the framework of society, Ms. Arden and Bousquet perfected the techniques to cultivate stock LCR 35 (Lactobacillus casei v.Rhamnosus) and demonstrated the therapeutic interest of this product.

After this great discovery, Lyocentre Laboratories was created in 1954 and the first plant was constructed in Saint-Simon.

In 1997, Mr. Hubert Desjonqueres acquired all shares of Lyocentre Laboratories and revolutionized the use of probiotic substances.

Lyocentre Laboratories consist of two industrial plants, both located in the Cantal: Sistrières, at the doors of Aurillac, is dedicated to the production and the preparation of finished products, and Saint-Simon, located 6 kms from Aurillac, dedicated to the manufacture and lyofilization of the active principles contained in the products of Lyocentre Laboratories. They have agreements with clients such as Sanofi-Synthélabo, Organon, Pharmatis, Phyto-Train, and Bayer Santé Familiale.

“For Lyocentre, more than an advantage, it is an honor to count on Lukoll´s key competencies: fidelity in complying with its commitments, total respect for its patients, transparency toward physicians, drugstores, and the entire distribution chain, as well as the highest consideration for all of its employees.

Since Lyocentre is also a family company and shares all of these values with Lukoll, we congratulate ourselves for having elected Lukoll as our representative in PERU”.

Stanislas Desjonqueres
Presidente de Lyocentre