Zambon Group is a pharmaceutical and chemical multinational of Italian origin founded by Mr. Gaetano Zambon in Vicenza on the 11th of November 1906, their solid reputation for thought, flexibility and Customer Satisfaction, still alive after more than 100 years, continuously improving the quality of life of thousands of people around the world. With a philosophy that allows them to have successful presence in three continents: Europe, America and Asia, and over 2,300 employees, Zambon has presence in 40 countries, with branches in 16 countries. In Latin America, Zambon has branches in Brasil and Colombia. In countries like Peru, Ecuador, México, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Chile, it operates with local distributors.

Zambon currently counts on a strategic system based on investigation, development and commercialization of innovative therapeutic solutions.

“Zambon´s representative in Peru is Lukoll, which has placed Zambon´s product line in leading positions in their respective therapeutic categories. During the last years, throughout Zambon´s collaboration with Lukoll, we have shared a very rewarding and enriching experience due to our win-win relationship, which has allowed for the fullest development of our products as well as Lukoll´s growth in Peru.

For Zambon, Lukoll is a fine example of business management in Latin America, thus assuring the success of our present and future portfolios.”

José Lecaros Loayza
Coordinador de Negocios para América Latina, ZAMBON