In Lukoll, the phrase "For a First-Rate Life" represents the way we are: A team committed to excellence by taking pride, and feeling responsible for everything we do, and by providing the Peruvian market with products and services of international quality.

We ensure that the products we market, and the services we provide, meet the most demanding needs of physicians and patients. Starting with the importation of our products through regulatory, legal, commercial and logistical support, Lukoll handles the entire process in order that products reach the final consumer in perfect condition.

And when it comes to quality, we are convinced that the best way to do this is to provide the Lukoll team a working environment of respect and consideration for each other, as well as supplying everyone with the appropriate tools to perform our duties. This has led us to develop in-house programs such as "Fostering a Healthy Life", which involves preventive medical checkups, nutritional talks, and nutritional monitoring to those who need to improve their eating patterns. On the professional side, we supply continuous in-house and outside training in the scientific, commercial, and administrative areas.

Each member's commitment to Lukoll, allows them to feel the company's results as a personal achievement, contributing with suggestions, and the total dedication to obtaining our goals.

Lukoll is built on this working philosophy which allows our company to make a steady growth in the pharmaceutical market with leading products in their respective therapeutic classes.

A unique phrase often repeated in Lukoll is that "no llevamos puesta la camiseta porque en realidad la llevamos tatuada", meaning that we are not only identified with Lukoll but we are proud and passionate about our company as "we don't merely put our team uniform on, because in reality it is tattooed on us".

Work Climate Evaluations made during the last two years show a very high level of identification (90%) with Lukoll, and we feel proud of this. It is the same feeling we embrace because we work in Lukoll, a company which is truly committed to reaching a First-Rate Life.

Patricia Muñoz del Coral
General Manager